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A French 🇫🇷 version is also available.

CorrectExam is a tool to help with the correction of paper copies. Its primary aim is to enable students to receive quickly, more detailed feedback on their work, and teachers to see detailed analyses of assignments and questions. It’s a simple way of saving work in digital form, preserving the original work and enabling quick and easy viewing from anywhere.

The main features are as follows:

  • Have students consult corrected papers to learn from their mistakes,

  • Correct more accurately

    • Provide a statistical view of results

    • Enable on-the-fly changes to the grading scale

  • Correct more efficiently

    • simultaneous correction with colleagues

    • question by question

    • by batch

    • automated correction for MCQs

    • on tablet or computer

This documentation describes:

  • in the user manual section, the user documentation.

  • in the installation section, elements for compiling, installing and configuring the project

  • in the developement section, architectural elements to help you understand the project’s structure and see how to contribute.


This project is still in an active development phase.


User documentation